Thursday, June 2, 2011


Have you ever thought that? Or you ever thought "Why do good things happen to bad people?" Asaph did and recorded his thoughts in Psalm 73. It overwhelmed him. Ps. 73:2-3 "But I almost stopped believing; I had almost lost my faith because I was jealous of proud people. I saw wicked people doing well."

Asaph tried to live right. He tried to live the way God wanted him to but he saw the injustice of those not living for God; in fact, brag about it, getting by without any worries, no struggles, no cares. They didn't have the troubles like the rest of them or have problems like other people (vs.5). Asaph's view was understandable but something changed. He began to see it through different eyes. God's eyes. Vs. 16-17 "I tried to understand all this, but it was too hard for me to see until I went to the Temple of God. Then I understood what will happen to them." Asaph began to realize they would be destroyed by God because they did not follow God. So whatever you see here on earth. Whatever you think is fair and what is unfair, remember God has your back. He sees it all. He keeps score very well. What one sows, one will surely reap accordingly. God's word tells us we WILL have struggles, trials and tribulation here on earth. Those who struggle the most, Jesus said will be blessed the most. Asaph confesses "My body and my mind may become weak, but God is my strength. He is mine forever." (vs. 26)

Read the entire chapter of Psalm 73 for yourself by clicking here.

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