More About Me

My name is Marsha Spicer. I was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida and was blessed to be raised in a Christian home where going to church was a priority. As a child, while attending a Vacation Bible School with my cousin in Live Oak, Florida, I realized that I was lost and needed to be forgiven of my sins. I understood Jesus died on the cross for me so my sins could be forgiven; however, it was much later in life where I understood what surrender truly was and how making Jesus Lord of my life was a vital part of the Christian life. It was then that I surrendered my life to Jesus and promised to live my life for Him.

Yes, having been single and divorced for nearly fourteen years, I finally surrendered to God’s control in my life. I was holding on to “being single and hated it.” It was a strong hold in my life, and held me captive, yet I was unaware. It took me a while but eventually I realized the magnitude of this and how it hindered my walk with the Lord. When I finally told God I accepted His plan for my life and would stop worrying about my marital status…in other words, when I waved the white flag…I was free to experience His presence and the working of His power in my life. I decided I would serve God no matter what. I’ve never been the same since. I continued singing in the choir and began teaching a single ladies’ Sunday School class. It was within a year and a half that I happily found myself married to my best friend. Why did it take me so long to learn to be content in my circumstances?

I am so thankful for Jesus and what He was willing to do for me on the cross. Thankful He did not give up on me and for His long-suffering. Thankful that in spite of myself, He allows me to be a part of His plan. He has given me purpose, direction and many avenues for ministry but one I hold very dear is being a teacher of our Ladies Sunday School class at Promise Land Baptist Church since July 2001.

I have been married to Terry since September 2000 and am the mother of one. She’s cute, spirited, long, low to the ground and four legged, from the domestic (ha-ha) dachshund breed. We call her Minor aka Mean Dog.