Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Jesus and his disciples left Galilee and went up to the villages near Caesarea Philippi. As they were walking along, he asked them, “Who do people say I am?” “Well,” they replied, “some say John the Baptist, some say Elijah, and others say you are one of the other prophets.” Then he asked them, “But who do you say I am?” Peter replied, “You are the Messiah.” Mark 8:27-29 NLT

Jesus asked the disciples who people were saying He was. There were a couple different opinions but Jesus went on to ask who THEY said he was. Jesus was really interested in the opinion of his disciples. Afterall, he'd been pouring his life into them. They'd seen him heal the sick, cast out demons and perform all kinds of miracles. They'd heard him teach. They'd had private conversations with him where he would explain his parables. Peter quickly responds and declares his faith in Jesus. "You are the Messiah (the one we've been waiting for)." Matt. 16:16 records his declaration a bit differently, "You are the Christ, the Son of the living God."

Just as there were different opinions about Jesus then, there are just as many varying opinions about Jesus today. BUT there is only one right answer, and Peter gave it. Jesus is THE Christ, the Son of the living God.

So who DO you say Jesus is? More importantly, what does your life say about who Jesus is? Talk is cheap. How you live your life, the choices you make, your priorities - that really speaks about who you say Jesus is. Just sayin'...

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